ECO Vehicles Systems, with its highly skilled, experienced and stable work force, is an ideal solution to fleets and OEM’s needing high quality workmanship, short lead times and quick turnaround.  ECO Vehicle System’s rural Indiana location equates to low overhead and operational costs, resulting in very competitive pricing when compared to some of the larger, more traditional upfitters, convertors and vehicle modifiers in the commercial vehicle and law enforcement marketplace today. Call us today and discover why so many industry leading fleet and OEM companies rely on us for excellent quality and competitive pricing. You will be glad you did.


One facility to complete the vehicle, one team of people to assist the customer’s team in working through the entire process, complete to shipping the vehicle to it’s intended location all under one purchase order.


Union City, Indiana based ECO Vehicle Systems is a high tech, contract manufacturer/vehicle upfitter with outstanding quality, low overhead and high volume production capacity serving both commercial vehicle and law enforcement vehicle markets. ECO Vehicle Systems was founded in 1999 by Rob Lykins and operates out of two facilities in Progress Industrial Park with a total footprint of 130,000 sq. ft.  The company is staffed and managed by an impressive, customer focused group of seasoned industry professionals with OEM, Tier One Supplier and Alternative Fuels Backgrounds.

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1274 S State Road 32 | Union City, IN 47390