ECO Vehicle Systems Announces Fleet Assurance Program for General Motors Alternative Fuel Vehicles

ECO Vehicle Systems Inc., a comprehensive “one stop shop” custom vehicle modifier/upfitter located in Union City, Indiana announces a new Fleet Assurance Program for General Motors Alternative Fuels Vehicles.

ECO Vehicle Systems New Fleet Assurance Program provides fleets who choose to convert their cars, trucks or vans to an alternative fuel, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), a limited engine warranty that is equal to the warranty offered by the vehicle manufacturer.

Rob Lykins, Founder and President of ECO Vehicle Systems said the Fleet Assurance Program will provide fleets choosing clean burning alternative fuels for their vehicle the same protection and warranty coverage that they get from the OEM on conventional gasoline powered vehicles. The Fleet Assurance Program covers both gaseous prep and standard engines converted by ECO Vehicle Systems using EPA and/or CARB certified conversion systems. In the unlikely event that the OEM would deny warranty coverage on failed engine components such as pistons, cylinder heads, intake and exhaust valves, manifolds or catalytic converters because of concerns about the gaseous fuel systems installed by ECO Vehicle System, the Fleet Assurance Program will fully cover the repair costs per the warranty terms.

Lykins commented “we have such a high level of confidence in our technology partner engine calibrations and validation plans that we are happy to offer our valued customers the assurance that we will stand behind our vehicle conversions, even if the OEM doesn’t”.

Also included in the Fleet Assurance Program is fleet, dealer or customer training for alternative fuels vehicles. ECO Vehicle Systems will send their experienced field technicians to the fleet, dealer or customer location to train their technicians how to trouble-shoot, repair, service and provide warranty work for any alternative fuels vehicle converted by ECO Vehicle Systems. This training will give customers peace of mind that they have a local option for service, warranty or repair work while allowing the dealer, fleet or customer to profit from performing these important functions for their customers. Dealers, fleets and end customers can even purchase service parts from ECO Vehicle Systems, thus providing the industry with the only true “one-stop-shop” option for alternative fuels conversions.

By converting vehicles to run on bi-fuel CNG or LPG fuel systems, fleets can take advantage of lower priced, cleaner burning alternative fuels that will reduce their vehicle operational costs and carbon emissions footprint while extending the vehicle range or operating hours in the field between refueling intervals, thus making it more productive.

Union City, Indiana based ECO Vehicle Systems is a high tech, comprehensive vehicle upfitter with outstanding quality, low overhead and high volume production capacity serving both commercial vehicle and law enforcement vehicle markets. ECO Vehicle Systems was founded in 1999 by Rob Lykins and operates out of two facilities in Progress Industrial Park with a total footprint of 130,000 sq. ft.  The company is staffed and managed by an impressive, customer focused group of seasoned industry professionals with OEM, Tier One Supplier and Alternative Fuels Backgrounds.

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