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Eco Vehicle Systems provides the Nation’s only comprehensive, one-stop, Fleet vehicle completion facility, offering the Fleet Director virtually total upfit & accessory services, as well as most Certified, Alternative Fuels & Technology systems in, CNG, LPG, Electric Hybrid, Hydraulic Hybrid systems. One facility to complete the Fleet vehicle, one Team of people to assist the Fleet Director’s Team in working through the entire process, complete to receiving the Fleet vehicle at it’s intended location…. Ready to put in service!


A dropped shipped chassis arrives in Union City from the OEM. When needed, the chassis is stretched, the vehicle’s engine is converted to dedicated or bi-fuel alternative fuel technology, the vehicle is up-fitted to suit end users needs, ie, body work, racks, utility boxes, lighting etc., the vehicle is than transported to the end user. Eco Vehicle Systems allows fleets to streamline a vehicle customization through one central location.

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Quality Standard Policy

Eco-Vehicle Systems takes an aggressive approach to ensure and exceed all customer expectations while providing high quality products at competitive pricing and on-time delivery.  EVS is committed to continuous improvement in the areas of Safety, Management, Cost, Delivery and Quality.